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Lost and Found Pets

Welcome to our interactive area to post lost & found pets. You can post information on your lost pet, or alert your neighbor about a found pet--any time, any day, without logging in or going to the message boards. Postings will show immediately, with dates and times included.
Be sure to include contact information--phone or email.

This area is for lost and found pets only.

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Patricia Vosburgh
Saint Petersburg Florida
2/3/2018 4:26 PM ETZ
" Older Male Grey Poodle with 1 tooth was found Wednesday in MiraBay. We are looking for its owner. If you know who this dog might belong to please contact me. I Live in St. Petersburg but dog found in MiraBay. 813.220.4898 "

Jacqueline Hurt
Apollo Beach, florida
12/5/2017 3:07 PM ETZ
" I have not been able to spot the cat on Sae Crest to determine if it is Pierre. Any other sightings. "

Jacqueline Hut
Tampa, Fl
11/23/2017 11:03 AM ETZ
" Please help, my wonderful black and white cat escaped 2 nights ago. His name is Pierre, very friendly and loves to eat! My family is heartbroken. Please call 813-310-7997 We are at 611 Winterside Driven the Bay Breeze area "

Jeff Miller
8/31/2017 7:21 AM ETZ
" Found:Older Boston terrier on Isle Bay with blue collar Please contact Jeff at: 706-936-0612  "

Seth Gwaltney
Mira bay, bay breeze section
6/26/2017 11:16 PM ETZ
" Movers let our calico cat out and we moved. If you find small female calico on Winterside please call 727-251-7384 "

Sea Crest Mira Bay
5/10/2016 6:43 PM ETZ
" I live on Golden Isles and have an 18 yr old orange tabby house cat that may have got out on Thurs nite 5-5. She is deaf and ill, if you would look around your bushes it would be greatly appreciated. 813-484-3589 "

Jean Bowman
Anchor Cove
4/27/2016 1:31 PM ETZ
" A trip to the vet proved no ID chip present. The cat now has a good home "

Jean Bowman
Mirabay Anchor Cove
4/23/2016 4:23 PM ETZ
" Found Siamese cat please call This cat is someones pet! cell 863 602 4799 home 813 922 4131 optional cell 518 791 7596 "

Jean Bowman
Mirabay Anchor Cove Condo
4/22/2016 4:50 PM ETZ
" Young Siamese cat with blue collar Call 813 922 4131 "

Mirabay, Seacrest area
4/17/2016 7:36 PM ETZ
" Our yorkie Jaggar has been found. Thanks to everyone who looked for him. "

Mckenna McWherter
Mirabay, Seacrest area
4/17/2016 2:02 PM ETZ
" My Yorkie, Jaggar, was lost at 7 AM this morning, 4-17-16 in Seacrest area of Mirabay. Please call 405-274-5527 (Mimi). Jaggar is Crew and Harlow's pet. "

Nan Major
Apollo Beach
2/11/2016 9:57 AM ETZ
" Deb: Hope you found your cat, I've seen a B&W cat in Sea Crest often since we moved in 2 weeks ago. "

Apollo Beach
1/11/2016 2:50 PM ETZ
" a week ago there was a short hair black and white male young cat, very friendly in the neighbor hood of Sea Crest. Has anyone seen it? "

Ruskin, FL
1/6/2016 11:54 AM ETZ
" We found Koko the dachsund, going to be returned to owner this afternoon! "

Gene Way
Apollo Beach, FL.
1/6/2016 10:26 AM ETZ
" Lost: 12 year old brown miniature dachshund named Koko. Lost on Islebay Drive 1/5/16. Please call (813)787-8267. "