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Community FAQ

Community FAQ

I have just moved into the community. Who do I contact to get the proximity card needed to get into the pool and tennis court area?

Welcome home! Please come down to the Resident Services Office, located inside the MiraBay Club. Please call ahead to 649-1500 to confirm hours and what information and paperwork you will need.

Is there a pet policy or ordinance in Mirabay?

In Mirabay we follow the same rules and ordinances as in Hillsborough County. See Ordinance No.00-26

Section 14 of this ordinance 00-26 reads:
SECTION 14. ANIMAL WASTE REMOVAL: Any feces deposited by a dog, cat, or pet pig on public property, public walks, recreation areas or the private property of others must be immediately removed by the person who has custody or control of the animal unless otherwise authorized by the property owner."

The penalties for violations of Section 14 of this ordinance, cited in the "Frequently Asked Questions" reads:
VIOLATIONS: Failure to remove animal waste as required by Section 14 .

$50 Fine

$100 Fine

Mandatory Court Appearance"

Section 10 of the same Ordinance 00-26 reads:
1. Excluding public right-of-way on an owner's private property, no DOG or CAT
shall be allowed to stray, run or go, AT LARGE upon any public property or street, sidewalk, park, or on the private property of another without the consent of the property owner....
"In order for a dog or cat to be allowed on a public street, road, park or other public property, excluding public right-of-way on an owner's private property or unless otherwise specifically permitted, the dog or cat shall be under the direct control of the owner or keeper...."
The penalties for a violation of Section 10 of this ordinance, cited in the answer to the "Frequently Asked Questions" about Section 10, include:
VIOLATIONS: Dogs ... at large as prohibited by Section 10 .

$100 Fine

$200 Fine

Mandatory Court Appearance

Lastly, to clarify the language in Section 13 concerning "direct control" as cited in the Frequently Asked Question for this Section 13,
"13. What does direct control mean? "Direct control is the immediate, continuous physical control of an animal such as a fence, leash, cord or chain of such strength to restrain the animal at all times.

Are any of the rooms at the MiraBay Club available for residents to rent for a big event?

Yes, rental of the Lagoon Room is available to MiraBay residents. This rental does not include access to the pool or other clubhouse amenities during your event. You can find the Lagoon Room Guidelines and Application under The MiraBay Club tab - Reserving the Lagoon Room.

Our Lagoon Room can be reserved as 3 individual rooms or as one large ballroom. With your rental, you may also qualify for access to our commercial kitchen off the veranda as well as use of tables and chairs. Need bar service? The club can provide you with a bartender for your party, under our own beer and wine license. You can cater your own parties under 50. A commercial caterer is required for parties over 50. Call Ashley or Mindy at 649-1500 extension 28 for more details!

I noticed a street light is out. Who do contact to have it fixed?

To report a streetlight outage, please make sure you have the 10 digit number, located on the light pole, then visit or call (813) 223-0800.

Is MiraBay in a flood zone?

MiraBay is in a category AE flood zone, according to Hillsborough County hazard mitigation department. For more information, you can visit the Hillsborough County Web site, to view current flood maps.

What are the expected annual taxes?

The current millage rate for this area is 20.30610. You can check the tax millage rate by logging on to

How much will the CDD and HOA fees cost annually?

The current HOA fees are $115.00 per home annually. The CDD fees vary by homesite size and range from $1,145.00 to $4,580.00 annually. Both fees are subject to change. The CDD fees are part of your county tax bill. For additional information, visit

How large is MiraBay going to be at completion?

The community of MiraBay is comprised of 750 acres and is planned to provide for over 1,900 homes. For more information about the development in MiraBay, visit