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Website FAQs

Website FAQs

I lost my password. How can I retrieve it?

Select the “Lost Password” link just under the login button on the home page. Enter your username and your password will be sent to the email account we have on record.

How do I remove my email address for your community email distribution list?

To remove your email from emails, log on the site, click on View Profile, click edit, un-check the box next to Community Emails, click update. To remove your email from the MiraBay Club Constant Contact email list, please contact the MiraBay Club Manager.

I would like to update my E-mail address. How can I do that?

When you log into, you will see a link in the Log In area labeled View Profile. In this area you can update your E-mail address or change your password. Please also notify the administrator of any groups to which you belong so they can update their contact lists.

I have lost my password and no longer have the email account I used when I established my account. How can I update my account?

Please contact Nancy Lee at (813) 994-1001 or email

I have moved within MiraBay. How do I update my home address on the site?

Please contact your site administrator,

Are parts of the reserved for MiraBay residents only?

Yes, certain areas of the site continue to be for the private use of MiraBay residents. Once you log in, you will see additional features and information, as well as a link to our community message boards.

Where are the message boards located?

You must register and log on to view the community message boards. You will see the link to view and participate in community message boards on the lower right column of the site.

Where are the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, including guidelines for user conduct on the the message boards, located?

The Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are located in the left column, under the red tabs and just above the MiraBay logo.

How do I place a photo in my message board topic or post?

Photos stored on a photo hosting site ( like Picassa, Flikr, Snapfish) can be uploaded to your message board posting. Right click on the photo, choose properties, copy the URL address. Back on your posting, click on the square box, to the left of the emoticon button. Place your cursor in the Source box, right click and paste. If the photo is too large, you can resize from there.

Is the site compatible with all browsers?

Yes, the new site is compatible with all browsers, provided settings are adjusted to allow for cookies. Any flash components of the site may not appear on some handheld devices.

How do I use the Classified System to post items for sale?

The Classifieds are available for viewing by both residents that are logged into the system, as well as non-residents that are viewing the site. To post any item for sale, you must be logged into the site as a resident. You can then select the “Post an Ad” link on the Classified Ads page and complete the requested information.

I submitted an item to be sold on the Classified Ad system page but it has not appeared. How long before an ad is posted?

Prior to posting an ad, our Community Administrator must approve your ad request. We try to review ad submissions the same day received but please allow 2-3 business days.

How long will my ad appear on the Classified page?

You ad will appear for 14 days, then be automatically deleted.

How many images of an item that I want placed for sale on the classified system, can be displayed?

Each ad allows for up to 4 images to be displayed.

How do I join a group?

To join a group, you must first be logged into When you select the Groups page, you will see a list of all current active groups and a short description of each. If you find a group that you are interested in joining, click the ‘Join Now’ link. An email indicating your interest and contact information will be sent to the Group Administrator for approval.

Can I join multiple groups?

Yes, you can join multiple groups.

I am a member of several groups. Do I need to log into each individually?

If you are the member of more than one group, you can switch to other groups via the pull down box located in the left corner of any Group page that you are viewing.

I am interested in starting my own Group. How does that process work?

Any community resident can submit a request to form a new group. To begin, you have to be logged in as a Resident. Next, go to the Group page that lists all current groups. At the bottom of the page there is a ‘Request a New Group Form’. Once you complete the form and select the submit button, your request will be sent to a community administrator who will review your request and contact you for additional information.

How long will it be before I can expect the Group Administrator to add me to their group?

An email alerting them of your interest is sent immediately when you select the ‘Join Now’ link. Group administrators are volunteers so it may take a couple of days for them to respond.

I see that there is the ability for me to add files to the File Cabinet and dates to the Calendar. Will they show up for others in the Group to see?

Only the Group Administrator has the ability to add files to the File Cabinet, dates to the Calendar, and contacts that can be viewed by the entire group. Individual group members can add these for their personal viewing and access. They will not be visible to others.

I would like to add information to Who do I contact?

Please send your request to Your information will be reviewed for placement on the site.